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What Our Guests Say

Fifty five 5* reviews on VRBO alone.

"It's a magic moment where you stumble across somewhere that instantly feels right and you know you'll be back." Grant S

"A superb fortnight in stunningly beautiful & tranquil surroundings" Babeeta S 

"What a wonderful place to stay" Alison S


"Would highly recommend Lower Willsworthy Holiday Cottage Dartmoor as the place to stay" Peter C 

"Outstanding holiday home on Dartmoor" Joan Ritchie 

"For us a dream stay, ideal in everyway" Malcom G


"Amazing setting" Jean P 

"This is definitely one of our best and most memorable holidays" Ishika & Sanghera family

"The farm — home to a variety of happy, well-kept animals — is the tidiest, most beautiful such place I have ever seen" JR 

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